Important Popcorn Dates to Remember

5-Nov-13                   Popcorn Final Orders placed online via 

                                   Last date to return unsold product-NO EXCEPTIONS

8-Nov-13                   Prize Orders Placed Online via 

8-Nov-13                   $600 Bonus Prize and $1500 Club Members Names to Council

30-Nov-13                 Final Prize Orders adjustments for online sales

6-Dec-13    (Friday) Popcorn Pickup at Hawaii Self Storage, 808 Ahua St, Honolulu.

                                    Post dated  (12/19/13) checks due prior to or at time of pick up.

14-Dec-13                 $1500 Club Members Pizza Party-Aloha Council, 42 Puiwa Road, Honolulu

15-Dec-13                 Online Commissions Deposited into Unit Accounts

19-Dec-13                 Popcorn Checks Cashed

20-Dec-13                  All Transactions Completed  and Popcorn Sales Closeout                  


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