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Aloha Council, BSAEagleEagle Scout Recognition Banquet

Eagle Scout Recognition Banquet - Big Island


The Aloha Council would like to congratulate you on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout! 

You are a member of the elite Eagle Scout Class of 2015 & 2016! 



Eagle Scout Recognition Banquet - Oahu

64th Annual Eagle Scout Recognition Banquet


Class photo from the 2016 Eagle Scout Recognition Banquet  

2015 Eagle Scout Recognition Banquet photos


For more information please contact Dominique at Dominique.DeWitt@scouting.org or call 808-380-5447.

Fun "Historic" Fact: The first Eagle Scout Recognition Banquet was held on Thursday, October 29, 1953 at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.  The Council President was Stephen A. Derby, the Scout Executive was Hazen Shower and the banquet chairman was Lt. General Henry S. Aurand.  


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