District Events

Monthly District Roundtable:      2nd Wednesday @ 7PM
Location:                                    Admiral Chester W Nimitz Elementary School
                                                  520 Main St  Honolulu, HI 96818


Changes in 2015

There are some changes coming to Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.  Here are the links for the changes:

Click on Topic:

Cub Scout Adventure Program FAQs 2015-2016


2015 Program Change Overview Cub Scouts & Boy Scouts

*information is from scouting.org


December Roundtable - Christmas Party Potluck/ Fire side talk with Scout Executive and Director of Field Services

We will be having Our Scout Executive -Jeff Sulzbach and Director of Field Services - Mike Fifhause, for Our fire side talk.  Darren Cantrill will be the moderator and will be asking the questions.  

If you have any question(s) you would like to ask please email Darren at dcantrill@gmail.com

It is also Our Christmas Party Potluck.  Please bring your favorite dish.  Estimate around 50 people attending.  I can't wait to taste your dish!


Many of you have your Youth Protection expire soon.  Please go to www.scouting.org and review. 
Currently we have:
51.4%  - Have current YPT
22.7% - Will expire or has expired YPT
25.9% - Never took YPT
This is a very important thing to keep current.  This is required for any interaction with a scout. It is also required to have a current YPT for Re-Chartering. If you have any questions please contact:  

Youth Protection Champion:Susan Mitchell - ssmitchell@earthlink.net


A Message from Our District Trainer:
Here are some upcoming training opportunities.  You should be able to register for these at the Council website.  See you there.

20-21 November 2014:  Webelos Outdoor Leader Training and Outdoor Leader training.  We will be running these as a single class and a combined syllabus.  The course will begin at 6:00 p.m. (or as close to that as possible) with registration and camp set up follow by lecture and hands-on teaching until 4:00 p.m. on Saturday.  Place will at Camp Pupukea with most training done at the campsite and craft lodge.
13 December 2014: BALOO Training - get trainined in basic outdoor skills and such for Cub Scout leaders (this is not for WEBELOS!).  This is a required training for taking your Cubbies out on outdoor adventures and camping.  Training will be held 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Location: President's Hall

I hope that those that need the training can get out to these events and they are opened up to any from the Council.  Remember, every Scout deserves a trained leader.
If there are people that would like to join the District Training Committee, please let me know.
Bill Belcher
Training Chair
Kamehameha District Committee
Aloha Council BSA
In getting ready for Makahiki next year.  Our Development and Marketing person is asking everyone to help take a quick survey.  Click on link to take survey:  Take the Survey
Boy Scouts Winter Summit: Dec. 29th 2014 - Jan. 3rd 2015

Payment Information:

Now!!! $100 Unit Reservation Fee

Scouts (paid by 12/15): $180

Scouts (after 12/15): $210

Unit Leaders (First two) FREE

Additional Adults: $100

Provisional Adults: $100

For leaders to be “free” they must come as part of a unit. Units require “two-deep leadership”
Units having more than 5 provisional scouts, cannot come as provisional.
Cancellation Policy:
The deposit is non-refundable. All cancellations/requests for refund must be in writing and must be received by the Aloha Council Scout Service Center, no later than December 15,prior to arrival at camp. No fees are transferable to the Trading Post or are refundable at camp.
 Calendar Snapshot


NOVEMBER            Description
11/21-22 Outdoor Leader Training
11/26 Silver Beaver Nominations Due
11/26 Offices Closes at 2:00 pm-Day Before Thanksgiving
11/27 Offices Closed-Thanksgiving
11/28 Offices Closed-Day After Thanksgiving
11/29 BALOO Training
12/6 Popcorn Take Order Distribution & Money Due
12/13 College Commissioner Science
12/15 Aloha Council BSA's Annual Friends of Scouting Leadership Breakfast
12/22 Schofield Days (Kapiolani, Kaala & Ko Olina Districts)
12/23 Schofield Days (Kamehameha, Hukilau & Ko'olau Districts)
12/24 Offices Closed Day Before Christmas
12/25 Offices Closed Christmas
12/26 Offices Closed Day After Christmas
12/29-1/3 Winter Summit 2014
I know many of you with your Units are already planning a recruiting night or day.  Please let me know if you need any help with anything.  Also have your leader or membership chair email me your plans on recruiting.  Our Goal is to recruit 250 Scouts.  I believe we can do it!!!
As of right now.  We need 17 New Scouts by the end of the year!
Recruiting Scouts
As you all may know we are always in recruiting for Our Units.  I have attached an Alternative to Recruiting which give ways of reaching to potential Scouts.  Take a look over it.  If you’re a parent of a Scout, for Cub Scouts it is one of the things to do is recruit a friend.  For Boy Scouts they can earn the Recruiting patch.
If each Unit has a goal of recruiting 1 Scout per month we will be a very large District.
FOS UPDATES: As of RIGHT NOW OUR GOAL IS $37,500 for the District
Family: $15,415 – Goal: $15,000 – 102.8% from Goal
Community: $3,991 – Goal: $6,500 – 61.4% from Goal
LDS: $12,535– Goal: $13,000 – 96.4% from Goal
Scouter: $2,535 – Goal: $3,000 – 84.5% from Goal
Total: $34,476 Goal: $37,500 – 91.9% from Our Goal…..WE ARE ALMOST THERE!!!
Family FOS: Brian Evans - brian.evans.1@me.com – We made Our GOAL!!! Thank you all who have made a pledge or a gift to this campaign.  BUT,  if you are still wanting to give in this Campaign please contact Brian Evans.
Community FOS: Ben Pulamano - ben.pulmano@centralpacificbank.com – If you know any business or community clubs or if you own a business that wants to give a gift to our Kamehameha District FOS Community Campaign.
LDS FOS: Scott Bell - scottkbell1@yahoo.com  – We are getting there.  For some Wards you have made your Goal for the Ward.  For others you still can be a part of this giving. 
Scouter FOS: Keith Miner - minerkeith@rocketmail.com – For those of you who are a part of Scouting but not affiliated with a Unit, Please contact Lindy if you are wanting to make a gift.
We are so close in making Our goal.  If you know any businesses or anyone who would like to give please have them call me.  Also, this is a Tax Deductible.  Click on the Donate Now button and say you are from Kamehameha District!!!

Register a 2016 Philmont Scout Ranch Expedition





Greetings From Philmont Scout Ranch!

Are you or someone you know interested in a 2016 High Adventure experience?



On October 29th, 2014 the registration entry period for

2016 Philmont 12-day and 7-day expeditions begins. This short period lasts only through November 19th, 2014


Who Can Register? - Each unit (Troop, Venturing Crew, Varsity Team, Post or Ship) is entitled to register for one 2016 reservation entry. Representatives responsible for multiple units may register each of these units using the online reservation entry system. The minimum reservation size is one crew of 7 people. Individual unit reservations may include multiple crews but never more than 12 people per crew. 


Reservation Requirements - View the complete summary of 2016 reservation requirements and opportunities by clicking the link below.





New in 2016 Units may attend Philmont Scout Ranch in consecutive seasons. In other words, if you have a confirmed 2015 reservation, you may be considered for a 2016 reservation as well.


Yours in Scouting,


Philmont Scout Ranch

17 Deer Run Rd

Cimarron, NM

P: (575) 376-2281









Key 4 Information:
Karl Sakai – District Commissionerkazman@iname.com
Keith Miner  – District Chairmanminerkeith@rocketmail.com
Darren Cantrill – District Program Chair dcantrill@gmail.com
TJ Cordero – District Executive – tj.cordero@scouting.org
District Committee Chairs:

Membership Chair - Christyi Servaes pack297.committeechair@gmail.com

Camping and Outdoors Chair - Alex Meza - ameza808@gmail.com

Advancement Chair - Bruce Almeida brucealmeida@gmail.com

Training Chair - Bill Belcherwbelcher@msn.com

Activites and Events Chair - Lokahi Molale - troopguidelokahi@yahoo.com

Youth Protection Champion - Susan Mitchell - ssmitchell@earthlink.net


Volunteer Positions at the District Level - We are looking for a few Volunteers to fill a few positions at Our District Level.  If you are interested please let me know.   TJ
**** Please any Unit Leaders or Committee Chairs, If you have any applications you are sitting on please turn them in ASAP****
If I have missed anything please let me know.  Also, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.  Thank you all for all your hard work and love for Our District and for Scouting.
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Calendar of New Merit Badges
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 Here are some GREAT Videos for you to see:

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You




Elvis De Leon

84,600 Seconds in a day

*There is actually 86,400 seconds in a day.  But you get the picture*


If you need any questions or concerns.  Please feel free to contact me at: tj.cordero@scouting.org


If you have questions, comments and / or suggestions, please e-mail: Webmaster