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Council Resources

There are many resources available on the internet. We are in the process of developing this area which will help you "deliver the promise". You will need to download a copy of Adobe reader if you have not already done so.


Local Council Forms and Brochures:

Aviation or Weather Merit Badge.  For Information on tours and campouts onboard.

Hawaii's Heritage Trails.  For information on Oahu or HiloFast Facts about I'olani Palace.

Hawaii's Poisonous Plants Brochure

Silver Beaver Nomination Form

Cliff Dochterman Award

Ellison Onizuka Award

William D. Boyce New Unit Award Application

Merit Badge Counselor Application

Fiscal Policies and Procedures for BSA Units

Unit Checking Account InstructionsFederal Form SS4sample SS4, Federal Information for Unit Checking Accounts.

Youth Transfer Form

Unit Money Earning Application


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