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Wood Badge 1st Weekend

Wood Badge 1st Weekend
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2-Weekend Course
Aug 29-Aug 31, & Sept 12-14
Wes Duke, Course Director



What Is Wood Badge?

Wood Badge is designed to be
advanced leadership training for Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity Scout,
and Venturing adult leaders at the unit, district, council,
and professional levels, taught in the living
experience of a Boy Scout troop employing the patrol method.
The course follows five central themes:

• Living the Values

• Bringing the Vision to Life

• Models for Success

• Tools of the Trade

• Leading to Make a Difference

• The Wood Badge program consists of 2 phases.


Learning. The learning experience reflects unit meetings and a camping activity. The troop simulation provides a framework to practice the leadership skills introduced in the course.

Application. The application phase involves the participant’s commitment to complete a set of personal goals (called a “ticket”) relating to his or her Scouting position. Completing the ticket provides participants the opportunity to strengthen their unit’s program and to demonstrate a working knowledge of the leadership skills presented in the course.

Who Can Attend Wood Badge?

Scouters must meet the following requirements:

• Be registered members of the BSA in any volunteer or professional position, at least 18 years old. (No minimum tenure requirement.)

• Have completed the Basic Leader Training courses for your Scouting position, including Outdoor Skills training, if required.

• Be capable of functioning safely in an outdoor environment. A current medical form is required



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