The 2014 Makahiki Card Sales Program:


  • What is the Makahiki KauKau Card?  The KauKau card benefits local Cub Scout Pack and Boy Scout Troops and scouting units needing funds for their activities and campouts.

  • KauKau cards are discount cards for various eateries and vendors on Oahu and the Big Island.

  • KauKau cards are sold for $12 each with a minimum of 40% being returned the Scouting units in the form of commissions. Scouts will also earn prizes for various levels of sales.

  • Restaurant vendors place discounts on the card with a one year expiration date. When a customer holding the KauKau card places a food order listed on the KauKau card at the vendor’s establishment, they will receive the discount offered on the card. The total savings for all discounts averages over $500 per card.

  • KauKau cards will also include a special Makahiki bonus coupons sheet of (6) one time use vendors with a total average saving of $100 for all vendors.

  • How do the cards look? What will I receive? The cards come as one card with a perforation in the middle to split the cards. After you split the cards fold them over to fit in your wallet or purse.

  • Promotes Scouting to the community by showcasing talents at our Makahiki.

  • Discounts are typically “two for one,” “buy one, get one free,” or a specific dollar discount.  Sponsors are asked to support the ticket sales through super size discount offers that are better than the standard kamaaina rate or discount.

  • Several thousand Scouts are involved on the Big Island, Kauai and Oahu each year and participate at 5 Makahiki Camporee shows in the month of April.     

  • Cards are sold from March through April and are sold either door-to-door or in front of shopping centers by Scouts throughout the islands.


Makahiki Sales Committment Form




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