Popcorn Sales


Across America, Scouts and leaders have funded their Scouting programs and increased their popcorn sales each year through a long standing partnership with Trail's End. Trails End is proud to have served Scouting for over 30 years, and their mission has always been the same: to help Scout packs, troops and councils raise the money needed to fund their programs and activities throughout the year. Popcorn helps to pay for the activities Scouts do, for the camps they attend, and for the equipment they need, like kayaks, tents and uniforms.

Boys can earn much more than money; few activities demonstrate to Scouts the value of planning, organization, and commitment more clearly than a Unit’s combined efforts in a popcorn sale. Scouts develop and practice new skills, learn about sales and marketing, and reach new levels of personal success. And, once again, scouts who participate in the sale can work toward requirements for Achievements, Activity Badges, and Merit Badges.

See how the popcorn sale has helped Scouts just like you accomplish goals and achieve success!

Take a look at how Trails End manufactures their world class popcorn.

Take a look at a video showing how to conduct a successful unit kickoff.

We have many new incentives and prizes to excite the Scouts and leaders to sell popcorn. We hope you will have fun while earning advancements and building your unit's funds for your ideal year of Scouting!







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