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The Windward side of Oahu is divided into two districts, Koolau and Hukilau.  Koolau begins from the north end of Kualoa Point and ends at the south end of Makapuu Point in Waimanalo. Hukilau starts from the east side of Pupukea Road and ends at Kualoa Point off Kamehameha Highway.  The map below reflects the Koolau boundaries.

Key Leadership

District operations in Koolau are lead by three key volunteers. 

1. Michael Chen, District Chairman

As District Chairman Michael oversees the District Committee. He supports the units through trainings, membership drives, fundraising, and large district events like Camporee.

2. Godfrey Kaonohi, District Commissioner

As District Commissioner Godfrey provides direct support to units through his corp of Unit Commissioners. Unit Commissioners are essentially consultants who are embedded directly with the units, offering advice and connecting the unit to services on the council and district level.

3. Richard Galluzzi, District Executive

As District Executive, Richard is the sole paid professional in Koolau. He acts as a liason between council and the district, helps Godfrey and Michael understand their roles and manage their people effectively, and fills gaps as need be.

Key Facts

Koolau District:

1. Has over 1,100 registered youth.

2. Has over 55 units.

3. Produced roughly twenty Eagles a year.

Key Meetings

There are three key meetings in the District each month:

1. Roundtable. First Thursday of every month at St. John Vianney Church in Kailua, 7:00 PM. This training is for every adult leader at the unit leader. The Roundtable features mail, flyers for upcoming events, and breakouts for Cub and Boy Scout leaders.

2. District Committee meeting. Third Thursday of every month at Adon Solar in Kaneohe, 6:00 PM. This meeting is for District Scouters. The meeting discusses progress on district committee functions such as training, camping, and advancement. Adults who are interested in aiding the district and would like to join should contact District Executive Richard Galluzzi at the email below.

3. District Commissioner's meeting. Third Thursday of every month at St. Anthony's Church in Kailua, 7:00 PM (just after District Committee meeting). This meeting is for Unit Commissioners. This meeting allows Unit Commissioners to report on their units, be trained on best practices for serving units, and learn of upcoming events. Adults who are interested in aiding the district and would like to join should contact District Executive Richard Galluzzi at the email below.

Contact and More Information

If you have questions, want more information about Scouting for your youth, or would like to volunteer please contact District Executive Richard Galluzzi at (808)226-2483 or Richard.Galluzzi@Scouting.org. A list of events can be found by navigating here and choosing Koolau and Hukilau from the dropdown.





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