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Ko Olina District News

Recharters are due December 1st.

Shout out to units 267, 361, and 316 for being all done with rechartering! See my recharter FAQ below for answers to any questions you might have about the process. And don't hesitate to call if there's any way I can help you get this in on time! 

This information lives on our Ko Olina district web page. And it's updated once per month or more, so check whenever you're looking for answers or upcoming events between editions of this newsletter.
Staff office hours are continuing in Kapolei for December! This is where I (Caleb Turner, unit-serving district associate for Ko Olina District) hang out on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays at HulaShake at Kapolei Shopping Center from 4 to 6 to talk to anyone who wants to drop by. This month, that will be December 1 and 15. Come see me and I'll buy you a smoothie!
Good news! The Komohana service area* recognition dinner is scheduled for Friday, April 21 at the Waipahu LDS Stake Center. This is one of our biggest yearly events for volunteers and their families, and will feature all the district awards, from Den Leader of the Year to the coveted District Award of Merit. We'll also have super-'ono food and fellowship with hundreds of the most awesome people on the west side.
* = Kamehameha, Ko Olina, Ka'ala districts
See you at Roundtable?

December's Roundtable will be a potluck dinner for all district leaders, at the Kalaeloa LDS Chapel at 2074 Lauwiliwili St. in Kapolei. The date is December 8 at 7 PM. Come talk story with fellow Scouters!
Training opportunities!

Every Scout deserves a trained leader--and getting leaders trained helps both your unit and district be successful. Here are 3 opportunities in December to get trained:

December 3Basic leader training for Scoutmasters/assistants, Varsity Coaches/assistants, and chartered organization reps at the Laie North Stake Center from 8 AM to 1 PM. Register here.
December 2-3Outdoor Leader Training for Boy Scout and Webelos leaders (required for Scoutmasters and assistants to be fully trained). Friday 5pm to Saturday 5pm, MCBH Kaneohe. Registerhere.
December 9-10: Another Outdoor Leader Training for Boy Scout and Webelos leaders. This one is at the Laie Cricket Field (55-269 Poohaili St., Laie). Starts 6 PM on Friday--contact Brain at hukilauchairman@gmail.com to register. 
Schofield Days is back on December 28-29! You can choose either day for an awesome adventure for your Cub Scouts in the East Range at Schofield Barracks. Registration is open now at https://scoutingevent.com/104-SchofieldDays. Cost is only $15 and approximate time is 7 AM to noon. See you there!
Troop 316 from Ewa Beach is making and selling chuck boxes for any troops that need one. They look similar to the one pictured. The troop provides them for $50, which is less than their cost to produce. If you want to get one of these, contact committee chair Kim Jacobson at kimjake70@gmail.com.
Boy Scouts: We want you at Winter Summit at Camp Pupukea! It's like summer camp... except in winter, and with a crazy variety of merit badges you can't find anywhere else. Family Life, Architecture, Animation, Digital Technology and Textiles are a few examples--and those are just the new ones! You can also look forward to the COPE program (team-building and high ropes course) and the BSA STEM/NOVA awards! Sign up here.
Popcorn Timeline

11/30 - Prize order due! Get the form at alohacouncilbsa.org.
12/2-3 - Popcorn distribution @ Pacific Transfer (Waipio). Details will be sent to units.
12/15 - Prize distribution starts
12/17 - Payment due (invoices will be sent to units)
12/31 - Council starts sending commissions for online sales.

Recharter FAQ

Internet Rechartering: basics
  • What's rechartering? Give me the 2-minute version.
    • Rechartering is the annual process where you review who's in your unit and pay fees for the upcoming year. The process starts when you pick up your recharter packet, which has copies of your roster (as of September), access codes for Internet Rechartering, and several blank forms like applications and a unit account listing for our Scout shop. Using the access codes, you go to https://scoutnet.scouting.org/ucrs and make a user and password to review your recharter online. Make any changes you need and print off the summary report, which has a signature page for your unit leader and chartered organization head. Then turn in this report along with applications for any new people (and/or MLS list for LDS wards) and any payment needed, and you're good!
  • Are our access codes or logins the same from last year?
    • Nope. Each year is a clean slate and you'll need to use your access codes to create a new username and password for Internet Rechartering.
  • What if we never got our packet, or the person who picked it up is no longer here?
    • The main thing you need is the access codes to get online, so we can get you those over the phone or via email. If you need rosters printed or extra forms, we're happy to get you those too.
  • What happens to my charter once I submit it?
    • Our registrar receives your recharter and we check it during December to make sure it's good to be posted on January 1. If there are any issues, you'll get a call from us.
Rosters and changes
  • What if someone joins before we submit our recharter?
    • For new people who join in October, November, or December, go ahead and turn in their apps as soon as they join, along with $6, $4, or $2 if needed. We'll make a copy of their application to submit again with the recharter in case they don't make it on there and get dropped off on January 1st. Which brings us to our next question....
  • Is the roster shown on Internet Rechartering current?
    • The roster on that site stops updating once you log in for the first time, even if we add new people to your unit. But not to worry; you have options. If new people are missing from the online recharter, you can "add" them in the online system (it'll tell you they need an application, but you've already submitted it so that's good enough). If you prefer, you can also write their names on the physical printout so we know who's supposed to be added. Just make sure you've indicated somehow that these new people should still be part of your unit once the new year rolls around.
  • Too many people to add! Can we get our roster updated on Internet Rechartering?
    • Sure. We can reset the system, which will update the roster but wipe out any account you created or progress you made so far. Let me know if you need a reset.
Requirements to recharter
  • What's the minimum number of leaders and youth needed for a unit to (re)charter?
    • Any unit needs at least 5 adults and 5 youth. The adults are the unit leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, coach, advisor, skipper), a committee of 3 (one of these is the chair), and the chartered organization representative (COR). But we recommend having at least twice that many adults--that way, if people leave or don't renew their YPT in time for recharter, someone else is ready to step in. Plus, many hands make light work...
  • What positions can be done by the same adult? 
    • The only person who can have multiple positions is the chartered organization rep--she can be on the committee as well. Leaders cannot be committee members and vice-versa. Also, the COR cannot be a leader (Scoutmaster, den leader, etc.).
Youth Protection Training
  • What if one of our adults doesn't have current YPT?
    • All adults, including Venturing youth 18 or over, need to have completed Youth Protection Training within the last 2 years. If someone in a key position isn't current on YPT, find someone else to fill the position temporarily so you can get your recharter in. When that leader renews their YPT, they can reapply.
  • An adult said he did his YPT recently but wasn't able to get the certificate/it doesn't show up on his training record. What do we do?
    • No problem. Just give me the date he completed his training and I can enter it for him. If it's a new adult, he can write his YPT date on his application.
  • What are the most common things people miss on adult applications?
    • The initials! On the newer applications there are 4 spots to initial right next to the signature line. For new adults, remember to flip the application over to sign for your background check. Finally, remember adults need to be approved and signed by the committee chair and chartered org rep. 
  • What are the most common things people miss on youth applications?
    • Parent's birth date and unit leader signature are the most commonly missed items. We need both of these things to process a youth!
  • When do members have to submit new applications with recharters?
    • You only have to turn in a new application if you're changing positions or joining a new unit. For LDS adults who are adding a position with a different unit in their ward, say they're the Scoutmaster and becoming the Varsity Coach, this will require an additional application. Same if you're on the troop committeee and joining the team committee, too. But the application you need is minimal--see below.
  • What information is needed on a returning application?
    • For an adult or youth who was with your unit before and is back, or is currently in the unit but changing positions, they just need to fill out their name, birthdate, position (for adults), and any signatures or initials needed. We already have their address, background check authorization, etc. on file.
  • What does it mean to be multi-registered?
    • An adult or youth can be part of any number of units and only have to pay once. The first unit to register her pays for her and is considered her primary unit, and all others are "multi" registrations. If someone in one of your units will be registered in another unit, indicate that on their application or your recharter packet. Examples of this would be a boy in both Boy Scouts and Venturing, or a parent who's both a den leader and a troop committee member.
  • Timmy isn't receiving Boys' Life yet. What happened?
    • Boys' Life subscriptions are processed 2-3 months behind registrations. So if Timmy signs up for BL starting in January, he'll probably get his first issue around March. But since he paid for 12 months, it'll go until March of the following year. 
LDS Units
  • What's the fastest way to register boys in an LDS ward?
    • The easiest way for LDS wards to register their members is to get the ward's MLS roster from the ward clerk. The bishop can then sign this list, and this serves in place of an application for all the boys. Non-members will just have to submit a regular youth application, but the Church will still pay for them.
  • How do we use the troop, team, and crew in our LDS ward?
    • The troop is for boys 11-13, the team for 14-15, and the crew for 16-17. Sometimes if there are only a couple boys in the team or crew, a ward might register all 14-17-year-olds in both. Also, many wards find that it's easiest to multi-register everyone in the troop so the advancement chair can get everyone's information off one roster. 
Chartered organizations
  • Does our IH need to be registered? What if our chartered organization has a new head?
    • The institutional head is whoever runs your chartered organization. That's the bishop for LDS wards. This is not a Scouting position (although they're welcome to take on a Scouting position if they want); they're just someone we need to know about. Their information goes on the new-unit application, but if they change, the easiest way to give us the new person's information is to have them fill out an application. But when I say information, I mean phone, email, address, birthdate, etc. They don't need to get a background check since, again, they're not actually part of the unit unless they want to apply as a leader.
  • What if we're changing chartered organizations?
    • Have the new chartered organization fill out a new-unit application (new chartered organization = new unit, even if continuing with the same number). If the unit does want to keep its old number, the previous chartered organization will need to write a letter releasing the number to the new organization. Other than that, turn in the recharter paperwork as normal, with the new CO's signature on the signature page. Remember that the new organization will have to appoint a representative, who will need to do YPT and submit an application. In contrast to the IH (see above), the COR is a registered leader. 
More questions? Just ask!

Caleb Turner | District Executive

Aloha Council

808.380.5432 | C 808.724.8747


Trail’s End popcorn sale 

There are still tons of storefront sales dates available throughout October and November! See SignUpGenius to get your unit signed up! For any popcorn questions, email our awesome popcorn chair Mapuana at mapuanakekahuna@gmail.com.


September 24: First popcorn distribution at Oahu Pacific Transfer (94-360 Ukee St., Waipahu)

November 4: Final orders due online (trails-end.com) and last date to return unsold popcorn

November 11: Prize orders due online (alohacouncilbsa.org). Names submitted for bonus prizes.

November 30: Final prize order adjustments for online sales due

December 3: Second popcorn distribution

December 12: Closeout—checks cashed and commissions deposited



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