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Aloha Council, BSACommissioners Corner

Commissioners Corner

Hi to All of our Aloha Council Commissioners (UCs, ADCs, DCs, ACCs),

Welcome Aloha Council Commissioners,
Our monthly 3rd Wednesday 6PM Council Commissioner (CC) meeting went well with Peyton Williams (Koolau), Karl Sakai (Kamehameha), and Jenn (KoOlina) (by conference call).

The annual charter renewal process is underway. Please engage your units in completing their charters and fulfilling their YPT requirements.

It was announced that Western Region (WR) and National BSA are encouraging all councils to use a one year YPT requirement (Councils can implement their own higher standards).

It has been found that best access into Commissioner Tools (CT) is by using Google Chrome or Fire Fox browsers. Most difficult to access is with Internet Explorer.

All visits (short or detailed) will count equally in CT reporting. With 6 unit visits a year being the gold standard, all 6 visits if done in the remainder of this year will be counted in CT reporting. If you visited units but could not enter the report because it was past the 60 day window for entry, WR recommends to report those visits in CT using a date within the 60 day window so that the info can be counted.

WR is allowing commissioners with good computer savvy to report unit visitations in CT for less computer savvy commissioners. Please help your fellow commissioners to CONTACT units and REPORT in CT.

For LDS stakes with monthly church meetings where unit leaders report on their units, WR is encouraging that a commissioner (possibly an ADC) take notes on the unit leader reports and then enter the reports in CT as visits.

Your attention to and using the helpful hints above are much appreciated!

Much Aloha and Happy Trails.

Dr. Ron Ling- Aloha Council Commissioner

The Aloha Council's Commissioners Team meets the third Wednesday of each month starting at 6:00 p.m. Neighbor island commissioners are asked to conference in using Toll Free: 1 (888) 909-7654 Participant Passcode is 307361.

Commissioner Team  
The Aloha Council Commissioners Team is comprised of a group of council and district volunteer leaders whose duty is to help Scout units succeed. These individuals consult and coach adult leaders of Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, and Venturing crews to help maintain the standards of the Boy Scouts of America. Commissioners also oversee the unit charter renewal process so that each unit re-registers on time with an optimum number of youth and adult members.


Council Commissioner Dr. Ron Ling
Asst. Council Commissioner Training Karl Sakai
Asst. Council Commissioner for Roundtables Neil Nitta
Asst. Council Commissioner for LDS George Kaluhiokalani
American Samoa Vailoa Fogavai
Chamorro District Peter Linn
Hamakua Kohala District Udell Colleado
Hukilau District Wes Duke
Kaala District Scott Bradshaw
Kamehameha District Karl Sakai
Kapiolani District Calvin Hara
Ko Olina District Jenn Sagucio
Kauai District Vacant
Koolau District Godfrey Kaonohi
Kona District Alan Gemer
Pukahi District Greg Wagner


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