Aloha Council, BSACommissioner's Corner

Commissioner's Corner

Hi Commissioners,

Thank you for serving our units with your knowledge and informing them of upcoming events.
At the Council Commissioner meeting on Wednesday, August 27, we discussed the need for:

• New Unit leader training during this membership recruitment time of year
• Youth Protection Training requirement
• Upcoming New Cub Pack Development
• Anticipated new Commissioner Tools


Upcoming events include Woodbadge at Camp Pupukea 9/12-14, Cuboree at the Keehi Lagoon Center 9/26-9/27, and Children & Youth Day at the Honolulu Hale (City Hall) on 10/5.

Thanks for supporting your units in their membership recruitment drives.
Happy Scouting,

Dr. Ronald Ling
Council Commissioner



The Aloha Council Commissioners Team meets the third Wednesday of each month starting at 6:00 p.m.  Neighbor island commissioners can call in.

Commissioner Team  
The Aloha Council Commissioning Team
Aloha Council's commissioning team is a group of council and district volunteer leaders whose duty is to help Scout units succeed. They coach and consult with adult leaders of Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, and Venturing crews to help maintain the standards of the Boy Scouts of America. Commissioners also oversee the unit charter renewal process so that each unit reregisters on time with an optimum number of youth and adult members.

Council Commissioner Dr. Ron Ling
Asst. Council Commissioner Training Karl Sakai
Asst. Council Commissioner for Roundtables Neil Nitta
Asst. Council Commissioner for LDS George Kaluhiokalani
American Samoa Vailoa Fogavai
Chamorro District Vacant
Hamakua Kohala District Terry Ku
Hukilau District Wes Duke
Kaala District Frank Storch
Kamehameha District Karl Sakai
Kapiolani District Calvin Hara
Ko Olina District Ralph Rivera
Kauai District Dale Keep
Koolau District Jim Meyer
Kona District Alan Gemer
Pukahi District Walter Miller


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