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Summer Camp



 Hawaii - Big Island


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The summer camp experience at Aloha Council camps are geared to reach Scouts and leaders in several ways: 

  • For Each Boy: There are chances for advancement, to try new things and to receive recognition for what he has done. 
  • For Buddies: Our camps have made the buddy system more than just a safety precaution; it is a way boys can learn together with one or two friends. 
  • For Patrols: There are activities that let patrols work together to gain confidence and leadership skills that will make them a stronger team back home. 
  • For Troops: There’s recognition and events to bring Scouts, their buddies, and patrols together as one unit.
  • Total Camp Experience: There is the chance to work with other troops and to make a contribution to the total camp experience. 
  • Service Projects: A list of service projects for camp will be available from the camp commissioner and ecology conservation director. Each unit is encouraged to complete a service project while in camp. 
  • Program Opportunities: The purpose of camp is to help the Scoutmaster provide a quality outdoor experience for his troop.

Keep in mind that the camp program supplements the troop program-not replaces it. Our aim is to help the Scoutmaster in working with his patrol leader council to plan a resident camp program that meets the needs and characteristics of his troop.


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